Cerakote® GX16 Detachable Connector (B-Stock)

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“B-Stock” Cerakote®-coated detachable connectors are connectors that didn’t completely pass our quality control, but nonetheless are still pretty good.

The B-Stock Cerakote Detachable Connector is a circular, aviation-style 5-pin male-to-female connector that easily adds flexibility and style to any cable assembly.

The coating has blemishes or imperfections that are noticeable, but not major. We don’t think they are flawless enough to be used as “A-Stock,” but they could still bring some colorful flavor to a cable build. Mostly they have been either dinged/chipped, or have wavy or uneven finishes.

These connectors are sold as-is, and are non-refundable. They are imperfect. Purchase at your own risk.