Cerakote® YC8 Connector

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Cerakote® YC8 connector (5-pin) that easily adds flexibility and style to any cable assembly.

Splice one into an existing cable, or use it in a new cable build to make it easily detachable.

Please note: These connectors accept a cable diameter of about 5.0mm, with little room for variation. If you have a cable with double-sleeving (paracord + Techflex, for example), it may be an extremely tight fit, or not fit at all without trying to manually bend the clamping leaf parts of the connector barrel, which may lead to damage. If you are using a single paracord sleeving, the connector may not be able to fully clamp down and grip the cable appropriately. In our experience, we get the cleanest results when using a single paracord sleeving with 1/4" heatshrink over it, which fits underneath the clamping parts of the shell nicely.

If you need quantities larger than 50 please contact us and we'll let you know how we can help!