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Coil Collars

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Coil Collars are an easy-to-use coil-making jig.

Coil Collars can be easily attached to a rod or dowel and will hold your coils tightly in place. They allow for straight (inline) coils, or coils with a 90-degree alignment. They can be a nice time-saver, and make your process a bit more efficient—especially if you make a lot of coiled cables.

Each order includes:

  • Two (2) Coil Collars with screws
  • One (1) 9/64" hex driver for screws
  • One (1) 24" aluminum rod (optional)


40mm x 40mm x 18mm (1.58" x 1.58" x 0.71")


  • The 3/8" collar fits a 3/8" diameter rod (0.378"diameter maximum)
  • The 1/2" collar fits a 1/2" diameter rod (0.503" diameter maximum)
  • Either size will accommodate both single-sleeved (approx. 4.2mm diameter) and double-sleeved (approx. 5.3mm diameter) cable. These numbers are based on the cable (USB 2.0 with an outer diameter of about 3.3mm) and sleeving (paracord, Techflex, and MDPC-X) we use and sell on this site.
  • Can be used to make coils with either an inline (straight) or 90-degree orientation
  • Quickly locks into place with the turn of a screw
  • Raw, sandblasted aluminum construction (the screw is black-oxide alloy steel)
  • Easy and efficient to use. Holds coils tight and leaves no residue.

Please note: In our experience, some aluminum rods purchased at big box stores may actually be larger than the max acceptable diameters of the Coil Collar. If you are not purchasing an aluminum rod from us, we recommend taking your Coil Collar with you to the store to be sure the rod you are purchasing will fit. Learn more about how to use the Coil Collars

Learn more about how to use the Coil Collars