Heat Shrink

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Use colorful heat shrink to give a finished look to your cable connectors.

Heat shrink comes in pre-cut 1½” (39mm)-long pieces, which are long enough to neatly cover any of the connectors we offer.

This heatshrink has a 3:1 shrink ratio.

View the Heat Shrink Color Chart!

QTY 1 = 1 Piece

Which size do I need?

It will depend on your use case, but we use the 3/8" size for pretty much everything.

You may want to use the 1/4" size for TRRS connectors if your cable has double-sleeving. The smaller diameter will allow it to fit better underneath the TRRS connector barrel.

You can also use the 1/2" size to fit over USB Type-A connector shells if you prefer not to have to stretch the 3/8" size.

Tip: On Type-A connectors, you will likely have to stretch the 3/8" heatshrink out a little bit to make it fit over the shell. We use a needlenose pliers :)

If you need even smaller-diameter pieces for sealing up small wire repairs, let us know. We have that too!

Can I get pieces cut to a different length?

Sure thing! We can cut as many pieces as you need, in any lengths you need. Just drop us a note and we can help you get an order set up!