USB Type-A Connector, Plastic Shell (Female)

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This connector is a 3-piece USB 2.0 Type-A female connector that has 4 pins. Each set contains one connector piece plus a two-part black plastic shell (as shown).

Zap Tip: You can stretch out some 1/2" heatshrink and slide it over an assembled connector and shrink it down for a super clean look in the color you prefer.


  • Assembled dimensions: 33mm x 16.8mm x 10.2mm
  • Accepts cable diameter up to about 3.2mm (outer diameter)

Please note: USB cable that is sleeved with cord, Techflex, or MDPC-X will be thicker than the 3.2mm diameter allowed and require you to grind out or mod the shell in order for the sleeved cable to fit cleanly inside.