WEIPU Detachable Connector

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Add some chunky style to any cable assembly with a WEIPU detachable connector.

The WEIPU (SA12 series) Detachable Connector is a circular 5-pin male-to-female inline connector that easily adds flexibility and style to any cable assembly. The connection mechanism is an easy push-pull style, making it quick and easy to detach. They are slightly larger than the GX16 Detachable Connector, yet lighter in weight due to their aluminum construction.

These connectors will accept a cable diameter between about 4–6.5mm, meaning it will fit any sleeved cable—with or without heatshrink.

Limit: 5 total connectors (not per color). If you need more than 5 connectors, please contact us directly and we can do our best to help you with a larger order.